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    19 Lines From Jules' Special Episode Of "Euphoria" That Were A Whole Mood

    "I think I want to be as beautiful as the ocean."


    If you're not over the special Jules episode of Euphoria either, here are the best lines from it. And, spoiler alert, they're not back together, so don't get your hopes up.

    A blonde girl wearing angel wings stands in a hallway looking down

    1. "You're all gonna watch me disappear into the sun." —Opening song, "Liability" by Lorde

    A woman with dark hair and wearing several rings sings into a microphone

    2. "I feel like I've framed my entire womanhood around men." —Jules

    3. "Without self-criticism, I'd be lost." —Jules

    4. "I feel like my entire life, I've been trying to conquer femininity, and somewhere along the way, I feel like femininity conquered me." —Jules

    5. "I think I want to be as beautiful as the ocean." —Jules

    6. "No girl had ever looked at me the way Rue did." —Jules

    7. "At least for me, being trans is spiritual." —Jules

    8. "I feel like her sobriety is completely dependent on how available I am to her." —Jules

    9. "I fell completely in love with her." —Jules

    10. "I feel like real life is always such a letdown." —Jules

    11. "Maybe that's what I am actually attracted to. Maybe that's the appeal — the letdown." —Jules

    12. "The same person who saw you, who truly saw you, the same way your mom did when you were a baby, was incapable of seeing how her addictions affected you." —Dr. Mardy Nichols

    13. "Just happy I met you." —Rue

    14. "There were so many times I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't." —Jules

    15. "How could it be possible that Rue loved me as much as I loved her?" —Jules

    16. "I think the better question is, why do you think that would be impossible?" —Dr. Mardy Nichols

    17. "I'm the one person you never have to apologize to." —Dr. Mardy Nichols

    18. "I really missed you." —Jules

    19. "Missed you, too." —Rue