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    The Jules "Euphoria" Special Puts Hunter Schafer Center Stage In A Heartbreaking And Honest Episode

    BRB, currently running to Hunter Schafer's house to give her a hug.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Euphoria!🚨

    Euphoria gave us a second special episode this weekend, and I quite literally can't stop thinking about it.

    A scene from Euphoria being reflected in Jules's eye

    The second special episode, "Fuck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob," shows us what happened with Jules after she left Rue at the train station during the Season 1 finale.

    Hunter Schafer as Jules in her Euphoria special episode

    Much like Rue's special episode, "Fuck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob" centers on Jules talking about her relationship with Rue and the last few months of her life.

    Jules sitting on a couch and talking to her therapist

    In Rue's special, she's talking to Ali, and in this episode, Jules is in therapy.

    Structured like a long conversation, the episode allows Jules to talk about her feelings, and it gives Hunter Schafer a chance to really shine.


    Jules talks about how Rue is the first woman she's loved, how she might want to stop taking her hormones, and how her whole life has been defined by men.

    Jules opens up about how Rue was the first girl to really see her, and I think it's truly one of the best pieces of dialogue Euphoria has given us.

    Jules saying, "No girl had ever looked at me the way Rue did" and Jules saying that Rue saw "the me that's underneath a million layers of not me"

    Also, Jules saying, "How could it be possible that Rue loved me as much as I loved her?" broke me.

    This whole episode is a showcase for how talented Hunter is, and because she co-wrote the episode, the entire special has a level of authenticity I can't help but celebrate.


    What's also great about Jules' special is it's the first time where Rue isn't the narrator, so we get to see some moments from Season 1 from Jules' perspective.

    Jules dressed as an angel for Halloween

    Namely, we find out that her mom had just relapsed and briefly re-entered her life right before the Halloween episode. And Jules dives deep into her relationship with Tyler, aka Nate, and how she's still in love with this boy that didn't really exist.

    There are a lot of specific moments that stand out in "Fuck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob," but one of the most heartbreaking might be when Jules says she feels like Rue's sobriety is dependent on her and she had a "nightmare" about finding Rue in the bathroom of their NYC apartment.

    Jules screaming Rue's name and trying desperately to open the door and saying, "Don't fucking do this to me"

    It's a powerful Euphoria moment that perfectly showcases how Rue's addiction affects Jules, and it parallels Rue banging on Fez's door and asking for drugs in Season 1.


    What a brilliant way to show how Rue's addiction affects Jules vs. how Rue's addiction affects herself in Season 1.

    Also, don't even get me STARTED on how Rue visited Jules before meeting Ali in the diner, and then how Rue walked away. Y'all, I am a PUDDLE.

    Jules and Rue looking at each other with tears in their eyes

    Basically, Euphoria proves, once again, that it can create a quiet, heartbreaking, and magical episode with just dialogue and an impactful performance. I'm just so proud of everything Hunter was able to accomplish in this single episode.

    Jules crying

    Just like me, the rest of the internet can't stop talking about this Euphoria special episode and Hunter's performance. Here are some of the best reactions:


    euphoria part 2 was so intense. i’m truly amazed by hunter schafer and her talent. she embodies jules so perfectly that it’s hard to tell where jules ends and hunter begins. the episode was written so beautifully. the cinematography was astonishing. i fucking love this show

    Twitter: @dayasbike


    euphoria really just opened this episode with liability by lorde w/o any warning

    Twitter: @guccih1ps


    I don’t think I’ve ever fully understood how jules felt until this scene. #euphoria #EUPHORIA

    Twitter: @euphcriafilms


    The cinematography in this episode ✨ #EUPHORIA #EuphoriaHBO

    Twitter: @jordanbkaufman


    this episode just fuckin destoyed me and i didn't expect to cry that much like i didn't even realize how similiar i am with jules #EuphoriaHBO #euphoria

    Twitter: @jayledits


    when i tell you that my heart fucking BROKE #euphoria

    Twitter: @damnitsinn


    Euphoria parallels 🥺😭 #EUPHORIA #EuphoriaHBO

    Twitter: @fandomloverx3


    this was such an intimate moment that expresses love in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen on tv before #euphoria

    Twitter: @tonibpdtruther


    the way we finally get to see jules’ perspective on her relationship with rue and how much she truly loves her.. bc everything up until this point has been from rue’s pov but now y’all ain’t gonna have no more excuses to hate jules period #euphoria

    Twitter: @adcswifts


    #EUPHORIA “I fall in love so easily because half of every relationship is in my head”

    Twitter: @thatfunnyguy_a


    jules gets so much hate for the halloween ep & no one knew her mom just relapsed right after trying to make amends so jules probably blames herself & to add on she already feels like she’s the only thing keeping rue sober. fuck y’all i don’t wanna see jules hate again #euphoria

    Twitter: @adcswifts



    Twitter: @lexapphic


    if i see ANYBODY calling jules “toxic” or saying she’s the “villain” after this episode... #euphoria

    Twitter: @sithoksana


    Btw, give miss Hunter Schafer an Emmy cause her performance was *chef kiss* #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO

    Twitter: @TPhanotm


    Hunter Schafer baby your Emmy campaign starts now ! #euphoria

    Twitter: @Mikey_11_Alvin