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12 Reasons Why "Nykhan" Davis Is A Great Dad!

Good Job!

1. You love your famILY.

Via http://D.R
Via http://D.R

2. Not only do you LOVE us but also NYKHAN!

You DO spoil him though. :/

3. You try to take photos


Thats better 😎

It might take awhile at first....


....but you still love to take pics

oh wait! Not that one 😬

Okay like this 👍

That took a long time 😹

4. You're a fighter

"And a winner like B̶r̶u̶r̶c̶e̶ [Kate] Jenner" :)

5. You seen it all....


....And helped clean it up

Thanks dad!

PLUS, built it back up!


And your remembered for that.

6. You taught us the loyalty friends

Whoa! Are those dreads 😱

Though that was a long time ago....

....You never forget about them :)

7. You love mommy!

8. You find stuff like this funny.


But we think this is MORE funny 😂

9. Because this is def. YOU!

cheap cheap cheap cheap

10. You encourage us to run -- LIKE YOU DO.

11. You're wise.


(Found this on your computer.)

12. You promote scary stuff like this😱


I guess what i'm really trying to say is....

Cheers for being a great father!

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