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17 Hilarious Jokes About Waiting For The Next "Game Of Thrones" Book

The Winds of Winter is coming... but not soon enough.

1. This perfect animation.

2. This Fairly OddParents reference.

3. This knock knock joke.

4. This Titanic reference.

5. This more accurate House Stark motto.

6. This Indiana Jones reference.

7. This beautiful ship.

8. This Spongebob reference.

9. This modified quote from A Game of Thrones:

10. This Facebook page.

11. This more accurate Good Charlotte lyric.

12. This perfect book placement.

13. This bar joke.

14. This Gone into Rapture comic.

15. And this one.

16. This Orange Is the New Black reference.

17. And this updated Patrick Henry speech that speaks for us all.