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Two Dudes Debated About Penis Circumcision And Shit Got Real

It's debatable.

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Circumcision has always been a widely debated topic: To snip or not to snip? That is the question. So, two of our very own Try Guys, Zach and Keith, decided to debate the topic and things got out of hand quick:

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Keith was on Team No Snip and thought that circumcising was unnatural.

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Zach was reppin' Team Snip It and thought that circumcision had multiple health benefits as well as just "looked better."

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When the guys started bring their own dicks into the argument, Shane had to intervene and try a new conflict resolution technique...

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...which was throwing knives at a bunch of hot dogs I guess?

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After lots of knives were thrown, a few interns were scared, and a tiny baby hot dog was destroyed... Keith came out victorious and was therefore the winner of the debate.*

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*We know this logic makes absolutely no sense and throwing knives at things isn't the way to solve problems.

  1. What do YOU think about circumcision?

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What do YOU think about circumcision?
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    IDK what I just watched, tbh.