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    Andrew WK'S 13 Party Tips For Fun Fun Fun Fest

    The following can be applied to just about anything in life.

    You may know Andrew WK from his single "Party Hard," released in 2001, the song that forever branded the electronic artist as the "Real Life Party God."

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    This year, turn-up king Andrew W.K. is making an appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest, an annual comedy and music festival in Austin, Texas that primarily features hip-hop, indie rock and comedy acts—complete with regular taco cannon surprises and skate ramps.

    To prepare for his Nov. 8 performance at the fest, Andrew W.K. has shared his top 13 party tips. Take some notes (and get pumped):

    1. "Make yourself well lubricated with nature's own natural lubricant, water. Enjoy it. Suckle it."

    2. "Bring a change of underwear."

    3. "Mushrooms."

    4. "If you have long hair you can secretly use it as dental floss and a place to blow your nose."

    5. "Carry a flask filled with whatever you want. And share it."

    6. "Sometime during the day, don't walk or run... just skip!"

    7. "Do your own dance. Resist the urge to conform."

    8. "Raise both fists in the air and smile."

    9. "Make tonight a night you'd normally regret. And then choose NOT to regret it!"

    10. "Pour an ice-cold beer down your pants."

    11. "Go up to a stranger and say, 'You're really good-looking!' Then tell me what they say."

    12. "Play air drums along to your favorite song."

    13. "It's OK to drink early."

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