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    20 Reasons To Love Snoop Dogg's Instagram


    1. Snoop isn't afraid to merge media. Watch his fearless attempt at filming an Instagram video of a simultaneously-recording webcam video.

    2. He has mastered the smize.

    3. He self-examines.

    4. He smiles for Oprah.

    5. He is a real man. Because pink.

    6. He is not above social media trends.

    7. He appreciates nature.

    8. He kept his followers well-informed with multiple, consecutive weather posts on February 24, 2014.

    9. Again, he has a healthy respect for Oprah.

    10. He matches puppies.

    11. He likes puppies.

    12. But he is not prejudiced against kitties.

    13. When he likes a selfie, he is brave enough to post it twice.

    14. He loves his grandma.

    15. He jams in the car. Unashamedly.

    16. He has an eye for fine art.


    And uses Verizon Wireless.

    17. Sense of humor? Check.

    18. He's about his almonds.

    19. One word = Snoopchi.

    20. He offers a lesson to all who judge his account with negativity:


    We feel you, man.

    Follow Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion on Instagram @snoopdogg.

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