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20 Confessions Of A Struggling Workaholic

What is "free time"?

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1. You have an unhealthy attachment to your planner. You even write in to-do lists on weekend days.

2. And one time you lost your agenda but totally cried when you found it.

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Planning is everything, people.

3. When your boss compliments you, you feel like casual, post-secret-album-drop Beyoncé.

4. You lie awake at night, excited for work in the morning.

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5. When you take a day off, it at first feels well-deserved, but then you don't know what do with yourself.


Relaxing is not your strong suit, OK?

6. Coffee is your spirit animal.

7. You've mastered making any work-related event a cool time to hang out with friends/family/anyone else you ignore during the week.

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8. You turn sleepless nights into cost-efficient work hours.

Promises Written in Water / Via

9. You're the only person who actually enjoys Mondays, 'cause that means you can go back to work.

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10. ...But your weekends are just as busy as weekdays, so you don't get that whole TGIF thing.

11. You don't have cable. Or if you do, you normally don't watch it.

Showtime / Via

12. But you definitely have Internet. Lots of Internet. You can work from home on the Internet.

New Line Cinema / Via

13. If you run into a friend, you can truthfully say: "I've got a thing going on right now, but we should get coffee later."

14. When someone willfully takes time off, you dumbfoundedly think: "So, you're just going to live? That's it?"

15. Working 40 hours a week sounds very underwhelming.

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17. You know what you're doing at this hour two months from now, because you've already planned it out and committed your schedule to memory.

Miramax Films / Via

18. Multitasking is your jam.

Ellen / NBC / Via

19. You're the friend who's always pushing other friends to turn their hobbies into small-scale businesses.

Fox / Via

20. And as much as you'd love to take a break, you don't, 'cause someone's got to do all the "things".

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