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19 Reasons The Music Did Not Die On February 3, 1959

Because it's alive in this generation just as much as it was in any other.

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1. The King of Pop, born on August 29, 1958, was barely learning to speak around February 3, 1959.

2. It's 2013 and a 10-year-old can do stuff like this.

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3. Aerosmith started touring in 1973. They’re playing in Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Japan, China and the U.S. this year. Forty years since their first tour, folks.

4. American Idol aired its first season in 2002.

5. The Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960.

6. The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Ramones all became bands after the year 1962.

7. South By South West debuted in 1987. Lollapallooza had its first year in 1991. Coachella had its first year in 1999.

8. Music is still changing and evolving. Just check out this guy.

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9. MP3 files have only been around for about two decades.

10. iTunes was created in 2001.

11. Billboard’s Hot 100 had not even reached the one-year mark by February 3, 1959. It celebrated its 55th anniversary yesterday.


12. Rap wasn’t considered an actual musical style until the 1970s.

13. And going on tour in the back of a van is still a thing. Rock alternative + EDM hiphop band The Fountnhead traveled all over the U.S. for Vans Warped Tour ’13 in a Yukon XL. And still managed to be dope.

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14. Jimi Hendrix was only 16 years old on February 3, 1959.

15. Jay-Z and Beyonce became parents to Blue Ivy Carter just last year. WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE’LL DO.

16. YouTube started in 2005. Without it, we wouldn’t have the Biebs.

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18. Or see amazingly adorable kids, like this one:

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18. Let’s not forget the fact that Lennon and Maisy didn't exist back in 1959.

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19. Elton John is still alive … and recently had his appendix removed apparently. Read the news, peeps.

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