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16 Things Cell Phones Have Made Less Awkward

Because we only love people online.

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1. When someone says something you disagree with.

2. When your professor goes on a tangent.

3. When you see someone you would rather not acknowledge in public.

4. When you're faced with a difficult conversation and you probably wouldn't be able to maintain composure in person.

5. When you're walking home alone.

6. When someone tells you how they feel about you for the first time.

7. When you're sitting on the toilet.

8. When you feel the need to document an intriguing, yet uncomfortable situation.

9. When you need to cancel plans.

10. When you have to talk to someone you don't like.

11. When you're just done with a conversation.

12. When you're listening to a friend's problems and you don't want to pay attention, so you watch videos online simultaneously.

13. When you're on a bad date.

14. When you don't feel like being a part of the world.

15. When you need to express negative emotion.

16. When you need an ego boost and don't want to fish for compliments, so you post a selfie.

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