How Law School Is Like “Titanic”

Your heart might not go on after these three years.

1. Finally, after all the LSAT prep and applications, law school is here!

2. So long undergraduate studies, goodbye math and science requirements!

3. Orientation week is a blast, law school is supposed to be hard?

4. Then the first real week of school starts and you’re cold called on for the first time. Everything is confusing, and you just wanna leave.

5. Eventually, you start to get the hang of it. Heck, you’re even having fun!

6. Actually, reading those colorful Torts cases and deciphering between In Personam and In Rem Jurisdiction is quite enjoyable.

7. Then, exam season strikes, and you feel completely unprepared.

8. Everyone starts to freak the freak out.

9. Your first four hour exam is here, so you hold your breath and hope for the best.

10. You finish after three hours, but everyone else is still typing. You better jump back in and type more.

11. Then it’s time for your Contracts exam.

12. Finally, your last exam is here. It’s almost over.

13. When exams are done, you just lay there, doing nothing. Will the curve be in your favor?

14. You cling to your framed bachelor’s degree. It’ll help you find a job after you flunk out of law school, right?

15. Then, you discover your grades. Surprisingly, you didn’t flunk.

16. Looks like you don’t need that bachelor’s degree after all!

17. When you return back to school the next semester, it’s triumphant. You’re in good academic standing!

18. Then, it starts all over again.

19. Cheers, law students.

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