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Madonna Fights Bulls, Looks 30 In New Video

The Queen of Pop's new clip, "Living for Love", premiered on Snapchat Discover yesterday and Vevo today.

Joey Mastro • 4 years ago

How Oprah's 2014 Tour Should Open

Oprah's the best, so her entrance onto the stage during her 2014 "The Life You Want Tour" should be befitting of a queen.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

How "Girls" Can Correct Itself In Season Four

After an uneven, and often unfunny, third season, there's still a way for Lena Dunham to salvage season three of "Girls", and ensure that season four will be a doozy.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

Madonna Album Tracks That Should Have Been Singles

Madonna's vast catalogue of music is filled with hidden gems, usually discovered only by the super-fans who dare to venture on the amazing ride that is a Madonna album. Here are 10 amazing tracks even casual listeners should know about.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

Kylie Minogue: A Beginner's Guide For Americans

Yes, here in America we have Madonna, Britney, Gaga, and Katy, but there's always room for Kylie. With her new album, "Kiss Me Once", out on March 18th, it's time to educate your American self about pop's missing princess.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

Why You Should Have Watched NBC’s "The New Normal"

Starring Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha, and Georgia King as a gay couple and their surrogate, this smart, self-aware comedy was ahead of it’s time, and your consciousness, America.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

Britney Spears, Inc. Is Sputtering

Why is America’s favorite pop music conglomerate starting to falter at a critical time?

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

10 Reasons Why The Barefoot Contessa Is Better Than You

You might as well just give up now.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago

How Law School Is Like "Titanic"

Your heart might not go on after these three years.

Joey Mastro • 5 years ago