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    31 Things From Wayfair That’ll Help You Redo Your Home Without Much Effort

    Wallpaper, lighting, and hardware you and your wallet will love.

    1. A set of peel-and-stick wallpaper because it’ll transform a bare wall into a work of art without the commitment of true wallpaper.

    The blue and gold wallpaper

    2. A metal door knob for when your lease says rental but your decor aesthetic says vintage-glam.

    The gold door knob

    3. A round mirror that’ll reflect off your space’s natural light and make it seem a whole lot bigger, no major renovations required.

    The round gold mirror

    4. A Novogratz graffiti canvas painting so you can take advantage of that empty wall space in your living room and kickstart that gallery wall you’ve been wanting to do.

    The black and white art piece

    5. A three-piece duvet cover set because you can change up your bedroom look without having to sacrifice your perfectly worn in comforter in the process.

    The gray duvet cover set

    6. A Novogratz convertible sofa for when you’re tight on space but want the convenience of a couch and accent chair.

    The black futon

    7. An upholstered headboard that’ll add a pop of color to your bedroom without having to buy an entirely new bed frame.

    The pink headboard

    8. A floating shelf set so you can add extra storage to your space for skincare, photos, and decorative pieces with style.

    The blue and gold shelf set

    9. A set of decorative pillow covers because you can change up the look of your living room decor without having to invest in new pillows. Plus, the solid design will complement any other throws and pillows you already have.

    The purple pillow covers

    10. A peel-and-stick mosaic tile for when you want to create a high-end backsplash without the high-end budget.

    The marble tile

    11. A chunky knit throw that’ll add warmth and style to your living room when you’re sick of your couch but you can’t part with it just yet.

    The blush throw blanket

    12. A four-piece hardware set so you can transform your bathroom into the glam spa of your dreams.

    The four-piece bathroom hardware set

    13. A satin sheet set because sweet dreams are made of a luxurious bedding situation after a long WFH day.

    The gray satin sheets

    14. A four-piece bathroom accessory set for when you want your hand soap to also double as a piece of artwork on your counter.

    The marble bathroom accessory set

    15. A set of semi-sheer curtains that’ll transform your windows into a decorative element thanks to their cascade of handmade bows throughout.

    The white curtains

    16. A woven dome pendant so you can make your living feel like that vacation you’ve been wanting to take to Tulum but without the plane ticket price.

    The woven pendant light

    17. A marble coffee table because it has storage space for decorative books or any extra clutter you wish wasn’t all over your counters.

    The marble coffee table

    18. A bathroom storage unit for when you need an extra spot for toiletries but don't want to get entirely new bathroom furniture to make it happen.

    The bathroom storage unit

    19. A clear kitchen organizer that’ll make your home look like a professional organizer came and stayed awhile.

    The clear storage bins

    20. A console table so your entryway can also be a functional yet glam space where you can store keys, masks, sanitizers, and any other essentials you’re always forgetting.

    The silver console table

    21. A convertible chair because you’ll never have to choose between a chair, chaise lounge, or bed, especially if you have a small space.

    The teal accent chair

    22. An area rug for when your floor has seen better days and you’d rather just brush it under the rug (pun intended). It’s also an easy way to add a pop of color to your space that can tie together furniture and decor.

    The blue area rug

    23. A linen tablecloth that’ll make you feel like you’re eating breakfast at a trendy café instead of your kitchen again.

    The beige tablecloth

    24. A piece of agate decor so you can brighten up your WFH spot (and day) with a piece of trendy and colorful art.

    The blue agate decor

    25. A mirrored jewelry box because it will upgrade your shelf space from tangled mess to a neat, clean, and curated collection.

    The mirrored jewelry box

    26. A metal and wood wall decor set for when you want to zhoosh up some empty wall space but still keep it neutral and chic.

    The metal and wood decor

    27. A set of crystal bookends that’ll turn any messy pile of books into a decorative piece that would work anywhere in your home. Plus, you can't beat the good vibes they'll bring.

    The purple crystal bookends

    28. A floral shower curtain so you can have the perfect stage for your next karaoke session.

    The floral shower curtain

    29. A tabletop wine bottle rack because they’ll always be handy for happy hour. Plus, it’s way more stylish and compact than a full-on wine fridge.

    The wine shelf

    30. A set of peel-and-stick wood paneling for when you want to give your home a cozy cabin vibe without packing up your life and moving to the woods.

    The wood paneling

    31. A faux leather vanity stool that’ll upgrade your morning makeup routine so you don’t have to keep leaning over the bathroom sink.

    The faux leather vanity stool

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