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What Movies And TV Shows Can You Watch Again And Again No Matter Your Mood?

I've never not been in the mood to watch She's the Man.

Do you ever find yourself watching a TV show or movie because it feels comfortable and familiar, instead of watching one that requires deep thought and your undivided attention?

Three boys look on in shock at Amanda Bynes in "She's the Man" dressed as a boy.

If so, we want to know what movies or TV shows you're always in the mood to watch, no matter what.

The cast of "Dear White People" sit on couches looking on in disbelief.

Maybe the absolute genius of Mean Girls will always keep you interested no matter how many times you've watched it.

All four 'Plastics' in "Mean Girls" walk around the mall wearing pink outfits.

Possibly you love the storyline behind Moonlight so much that you could watch it on repeat until you are 80, and would never dream of turning it down when your S.O. suggests it for movie night.

A young boy in "Moonlight" stands on the beach as the sun sets.

Or maybe you love putting Schitt's Creek on in the background because it relaxes you, and the lighthearted comedy is distracting from the more serious things going on in your life.

The Rose family walks around Schitt's Creek for the first time in disgust

Perhaps The Vampire Diaries is your happy place, and watching the show now reminds you of the way you felt growing up, watching the same episodes in high school.

Elena and Bonnie from "The Vampire Diaries" sit at the table.

Either way, we want to know. What movies and TV shows are you are always in the mood for and why? Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.