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    35 Socially Unacceptable Things That Should Be Normalized

    "Women having body hair."

    Being embarrassed is a way of life, but there are a lot of things we get embarrassed over or shamed for that we should be able to do freely. So, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what socially unacceptable things need to be normalized right now, and boy, did they deliver.

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    1. "Not forgiving people who have purposefully wronged or hurt you, especially family. I'm really tired of hearing people say 'be the bigger person,' or 'you have to forgive your family no matter what.' No you don't, and it's perfectly fine."


    2. "Women having body hair. It’s our bodies and our decision to decide what to do with it."


    3. "Having STDs. We should all be trying our best to practice safe sex, but stigmatizing STDs keeps people from seeking out help."


    4. "Going into stores, looking around, and not buying anything. I feel uncomfortable going into stores that I don't know I'm buying something in, and if I do end up not wanting to buy anything at, I usually buy something small anyway so I don't feel like they think I stole something."


    5. "Having representation of different sexual orientations in the media other than heterosexual relationships."

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    6. "Talking about asexuality. Most people either don't know about it or don't care. All I want is awareness and a bit more representation."


    7. "Experiencing the world as a disabled person. I wish that a lot more accommodations were easily available, not awkward to ask for, and people wouldn't judge so much when you need mobility assistance."


    8. "Being a virgin. It shouldn't be something we're made fun of. You should not feel pressured just to do it even if you don't want to."


    9. "For employees to call out customers for being rude. It’s ridiculous that they're expected to sit there and take the verbal abuse because 'the customer is always right.'"


    10. "Being introverted. The cliche is true: We reward extroverted traits because they're more transparent. Introverts get a bad rap that we're unfriendly and standoffish."

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    11. "Talking about periods and period pain. We shouldn't have to whisper like we're talking about something horrible. People without periods should also understand why we can’t make it to something during our periods."


    12. "Going to the cinema alone. You get to pick the movie, you get to pick the snacks, and you get to pick the time. I've been to the cinema on my own a lot and it's brilliant."


    13. "Choosing not to touch or be touched in certain situations. Declining to hug, touch, or be touched by family members, acquaintances, or anyone when I don’t feel comfortable should not make them upset or offended. This is especially a problem with families and men. If I wanna pass on that hug or ask you not to touch my waist as you walk by, that should be okay."


    14. "Men wearing dresses. Honestly, it makes no sense that wearing dresses for guys is still 'weird' or 'brave.' Let men and women wear what they want and not have gendered clothes."


    15. "Having your young children misbehave in public. I shouldn't have to feel embarrassed about it or feel judged on how I handle the situation."

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    16. "Saying 'I love you' to your friends."


    17. "Living with parents as an adult. I love my parents and we all support and take care of each other. Yet, there's this firm mentality that if you live with your parents after a certain age, you're a loser and a failure."


    18. "Talking about mental health and seeking professional help. It's so frustrating that it's still considered a sensitive and taboo subject. A person should be able to go see a therapist or psychologist without people making a big deal out of it."


    19. "Not holding it in if you have to pass gas and you're in public. It puts so much pressure on your system. Why can't we just accept that everybody farts?"


    20. "Going to community college. The degree I’m getting here is just as valid as a degree from a prestigious, expensive school. My professors are real professors. I worked hard to be accepted and maintain my grades. Going to community or alternative colleges, taking gap years, and opting out of college completely should all be more accepted."

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    21. "Visible tattoos and piercings in professional settings. I don’t care if my doctor or senator has a tattoo or if their nose is pierced. They’re obviously qualified for their job, so let them express themselves."


    22. "Not drinking. I don't drink at social events and I'm always asked why, like there's something wrong with me. I've even been asked if I have trauma related to alcohol, which is completely inappropriate."


    23. "Not explaining your choices to others. People always think you owe them an explanation even when your choices don’t involve them whatsoever."


    24. "Midsize bodies and bodies of every size and shape. I don’t get how society has fallen into labels of simply 'normal/skinny' and 'plus-size.' There are a lot more options."


    25. "Talking about how much you get paid at work. We should know if we are getting paid the same as other people with similar jobs and experiences."

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    26. "Talking to kids about serious topics like BLM, LGBTQ+, and diverse communities. Not talking about it stigmatizes them, making the automatic view of them negative."


    27. "Friend breakups. We act like friendship is pure and lasts forever, but friendships can be toxic and abusive, too. It’s okay to walk away from friendships. It’s okay if a friendship doesn’t work."


    28. "Staying single as an adult. I dated a lot in my teens and twenties and decided to just stay single after my last relationship ended. Other generations act like it’s so strange and they can’t fathom how I can feel happy and fulfilled on my own."


    29. "Not wearing makeup or a bra."


    30. "Talking back to older people. I shouldn’t have to automatically be respectful just because you’re older than me. Respect should be earned. If an older person is a bad person, I should be allowed to talk back."


    31. "Saying 'no' to invitations simply because you're not in the mood to socialize. I always feel like I need to make up an excuse whenever I need some time for myself."

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    32. "Not wanting to have kids. Everyone goes wild when they hear that I don't want or need kids to make me feel valuable and complete. Kids are great, but they're just something I don't wanna do right now."


    33. "Breastfeeding in public. It's the most natural way to feed a child. There is nothing sexual or indecent about it."


    34. "Saying the word vagina."


    35. "For children to play with any toy they want. Why do there have to be toys for girls and toys for boys? Everyone can benefit from nurturing a doll or from building with Legos."

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