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Movie Lovers Unite: Take These 23 Quizzes If You Absolutely Love Film

*Immediately opens Netflix.*

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of trivia and personality quizzes for people who are serious movie lovers — in one place for your convenience. It's time to test your movie knowledge.

1. You Can Definitely Pass This 100-Question Quiz If You've Seen Movies

Edward from "Twilight" and Doc from "Back to the Future"

2. Do You Know The Famous Voices Behind These Classic Characters?

Fiona from "Shrek" and Angelina Jolie

3. You Have To Be A Swimfan Level Of Obsessed With '00s Teen Movies To Pass This Quiz

Carmen from "Sisterhood of Traveling Pants" and Jenna from "13 Going on 30" with the words "Hey! I'm gliding here!"

4. You'll Only Ace This Quiz If You've Watched The Princess Switch

Stacy from The Princess Switch

5. If You Had To Recommend One Movie For Every Genre To An Alien, What Would You Choose?

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" with the word "Musical" and "Get Out" with the word "Horror"

6. This Is Not An Easy Movie Trivia Quiz, So I Will Be Impressed If You Get At Least 12/18 Right

"What designer made a cameo in 'The Devil Wears Prada'?" and '"Black Panther' was the first superhero film to accomplish what?"

7. I Bet You Can't Match 8/15 Of These Pixar Shorts To The Movies They Prefaced

Happy volcano and woman hugging Bao

8. This Might Just Be The Most Difficult Twilight Quiz Of 2020

9. 10 Things I Hate About You Is A Total Nineties Classic, But Can You Ace This Quiz On It?

"True or false - Patrick grew up in Britain?" and "How old was Joseph when he starred in the movie?"

10. Prove You're A Movie Genius By Completing 17/20 Of These Iconic Quotes

Dorothy with the words "toto, I've a feeling we're not in __ anymore."

11. I Bet You Can't Pass This Movie Quiz, Even If You've Seen Over 250 Films

Willy Wonka with the number '70s and Rose from "Titanic" with '90s

12. Only A Movie Genius Can Score 18/26 On This A–Z Screenshot Quiz

Screencaps from "North by Northwest", "Up", and "Chicago"

13. Have You Watched Grease More Than Once? Prove It By Scoring At Least 7/9 On This Quiz

Frenchie, Rizzo, and Marty with the words "What color did Frenchy dye her hair?"

14. Let's See If You Can Actually Match These Opening Lines To The Disney Movies They're From

15. This Movie Trivia Quiz Will Determine If You're A Millennial With 99% Accuracy

Mia from "The Princess Diaries" and Hitch

16. The Devil Wears Prada Is One Of The Most Iconic Films Ever, But Can You Ace This Quiz On It?

Emily and Andy from "Devil Wears Prada" with the words 'Don't you have some hideous ___ convention to go to?"

17. Can You Correctly Identify The Harry Potter Movie From These Simple Illustrations?

Bellatrix and Snape pushing Harry's head to look at his homework

18. Do You Know The Names Of These Underrated Disney Movies?

"The Emperor's New Groove" and "Treasure Planet"

19. Here Are 16 Overused Movie Songs, But Which Film Do They Remind You Of?

Sam and Austin kissing in "A Cinderella Story" and Annie looking up at her mom in "The Parent Trap" with the words "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)"

20. Only True Toy Story Fans Can Get 20/20 On This Ultimate Trivia Quiz

21. I Bet You Can't Get 8/14 On This Anna Kendrick Movie Quiz

22. Sorry, But There's No Way You'll Pass This Mamma Mia! Quiz Unless You've Seen It At Least Three Times

Donna dancing to "Dancing Queen"

23. Can You Identify These Movies From Only Their First And Last Scene?

Muddy shoes, a question mark, and a book with the words "The End"