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23 Never-Ending Quizzes That Will Make Your Day Less Boring

If you have a spare 20 hours, please take all of these quizzes.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of never-ending trivia quizzes — in one place for your convenience. If you can make it to the end of all these quizzes, you may have too much time on your hands.

1. You Can Definitely Pass This 100-Question Quiz If You've Seen Movies

Edward from "Twilight" and Doc from "Back to the Future"
Summit Entertainment / Universal Pictures

Are you a certified cinephile? Take the quiz here.

4. Most People Can’t Reach Level 20 In This US Geography Quiz — Can You?

United States map with Oregon highlighted and the words "Level 50"
Getty / BuzzFeed

Do you know all 50 states? Take the quiz here.

6. Sorry, But There's No Way You'll Get Past Level 40 On This Never-Ending 2010s Celeb Quiz

Kylie Jenner with the words "Who's this?"

Do you know everything there is to know about 2010s celebs? Take the quiz here.

7. It's Almost Impossible To Make It Past Level 15 On This Never-Ending Muppets Quiz

Kermit the frog with the words "Level 2" and Miss Piggy with the words "level 23"

Please tell me you know who Miss Piggy is. Take the quiz here.

8. Only A True "Eastenders" Fan Will Be Able To Complete This Quiz

Gus and Heather

Do your skills measure up? Take the quiz here.

9. Only Superfans Of "Parks And Rec" Will Make It Past Level 20 On This Never-Ending Knowledge Quiz

April with the words "Level 3" and Jeremy with the words "Level 21"

Are you more of a calzone or Li'l Sebastian person? Take the quiz here.

11. I Bet You Can't Make It Past Level 15 On This Expert-Level Disney Quiz

Ursula with the word "Level 1" and Lord Macintosh with the words "Level 36"

Maybe if you wish upon a star you will pass all these levels. Take the quiz here.

14. Most People Can Reach Level 10 In This Never-Ending Trivia Quiz — What About You?

Millie Bobby Brown, lemons growing on a tree, and Elsa from "Frozen"
Rachel Murray / Getty Images / Getty / Disney

What's the difference between amphibians and reptiles? Take the quiz here.

15. If You Can Reach Level 30 In This Never-Ending Baking Quiz, You Should Probably Be A Pastry Chef

Simnel cake with the words "when is this eaten?" and pork pie with the words "What pastry is this?"

Would you make it on The Great British Bake Off? Take the quiz here.

16. Most People Can't Reach Level 20 Of This Never-Ending "Friends" Quiz — Can You?

Monica and Rachel on their wedding days
Warner Bros. Television

Are you more a Monica or Rachel? Take the quiz here.

17. Only A Millennial Can Make It Past Level 40 On This Never-Ending '90s Quiz

Britney Spears with the words "Level 1" and Fairuza Balk with the words "Level 47"
Barry King / WireImage / Getty /Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Are you just Gen Z in disguise? Take the quiz here.

18. Most People Can't Get Past Level 25 On This Never-Ending Dessert Quiz – Can You?

S'mores stack with the words "Level 3" and Croquembouche with the words "level 47"

This quiz is gonna be pretty sweet. Take the quiz here.

19. Only 10% Of People Can Make It To Level 20 On This Never-Ending YouTube Quiz

Liza Koshy and Shane Dawson
Liza Koshy / Youtube / Shane Dawson / Youtube

Where you an OG YouTube fan? Take the quiz here.

20. Only A "Twilight" Expert Can Make It To Level 20 On This Never-Ending Quiz

Edward and Jasper from "Twilight" with the words "Who turned them?"
Summit Entertainment

But the real question is would you actually date a vampire? Take the quiz here.

21. Only Book Lovers Will Make It Past Level 20 On This Never-Ending Literary Quiz

"The Bell Jar" with the words "Level 34" and "Matilda" with the words "level 29"
Heinemann / Jonathan Cape

Calling all nerds. Take the quiz here.

22. Only Superfans Of "The Office" Will Make It Past Level 20 On This Never-Ending Knowledge Quiz

Phyllis Lapin with the words "Level 9" and Nellie Bertram with the words "level 24"

Should you apply for a job at Dunder Mifflin? Take the quiz here.

23. This Never-Ending Pixar Quiz Will Definitely Eliminate You Before You Reach Level 30

Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story" with the words "Level 9" and Riley from "Inside Out" with the words "Level 17"

Are you an animated movie connoisseur? Take the quiz here.

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