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    25 Pet Costumes From PetSmart That’ll Make This The Most Adorable Halloween Yet

    If these costumes don't crack you up, I don't know what will.

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    1. A *very official* treat inspector sweater for that pet in your life who is perhaps a little too attached to finding where their next snack is coming from.

    Orange sweater with the words "treat inspector" and two lines of yellow tape design

    2. A comfortable batwing dog harness that gives your dog a little something extra this Halloween, plus, it's reflective so you'll see them bright and clear even during the witching hour. Nanananananananana BATDOG!

    Dog wearing batwing dog harness

    3. A skeleton unicorn costume that is sure to surprise your neighbors, and you don't have to worry about your pet committing a fashion faux paws by showing up in an overdone look. If you're seeking that pet costume that no-one else has, look no further.

    Dog wearing unicorn skeleton costume

    4. A Baby Yoda costume that I would 100% force my dog into if I thought he would wear it for even one second before ripping it off (and I still might try it just for the pics). The only thing better than Baby Yoda is a dog dressed up as Baby Yoda. This costume gets no notes, it's just perfect.

    Dog wearing yoda costume

    5. A tropical pineapple costume perfect for that pet photoshoot you've been dying to get, and will have you feeling like you've escaped the chilly fall weather for a beachy island breeze. Complete with a mini pineapple hat, you're never going to want to see your pet wearing anything else.

    Dog wearing sparkly yellow pineapple costume and hat

    6. A mini biker costume to turn your reptile into a bad boy. Your bearded dragon may not be able to ride a motorcycle, but it can look as cool as someone who can.

    Bearded dragon wearing biker costume

    7. A lion's mane headpiece — is that Simba or just your Chihuahua? Honestly with this, we can't tell the difference.

    Cat wearing lion's mane

    8. A pocket-sized Spiderman jumpsuit that will transform your small pet into Peter Parker. He may not be able to shoot any webs, but he will certainly look adorable enough to get your spidey senses tingling.

    Guinea pig in spiderman costume

    9. Or, a Stormtrooper costume so you can dress them up to fight against the Rebel Alliance and get to work defending the New Order. Bonus: it comes with the tiniest helmet in the history of the world.

    Guinea pig wearing stormtrooper costume

    10. A scorpion costume that will simply crack you up when you see them bounding around in this stingingly good get-up. Ignore my bad attempt at puns and just look at those googly-eyes.

    Dog wearing scorpion costume

    11. A creepy clown costume for your reptile to remind you how much you don't understand why clowns are considered a "fun" party idea and not a terrifying nightmare. No? Just me? Either way, you do have to admit the mini pompoms and fake curly red hair are pretty adorable.

    Bearded dragon in clown costume

    12. A sparkly peacock costume so you can let your dog or cat spread their metaphorical feathers and show off their impeccable sense of style.

    Cat waring sparkly peacock costume with hood

    13. A bright red lobster costume that you certainly won't be crabby, or...lobster-y, to see your fur baby in. Featuring giant lobster claws, trailing antennae, and mini little lobster legs, you will truly mistake your pet for a creature of the sea.

    Dog wearing lobster costume

    14. A cute banana costume you hopefully won't slip on the peel of. This look is perfect if you're planning on dressing up your dogs and cats with a food theme or even a Super Mario theme.

    Cat wearing banana costume

    15. A hot dog costume, that, in the wise words of my mom, is the best dog costume in the world. And as per usual, moms are always right. This is a total classic that is somehow never overdone. Anyone who sees your pet transformed into a hot dog will shout with glee and run over to see them.

    Dog wearing hot dog costume

    16. A Venus Flytrap headpiece that is honestly equal parts funny and cute. Since this costume just slips on your pet's head, you don't have to worry about restricting their movement when on a walk, but we can't be held responsible if they won't come near you after you force them to wear this.

    Dog wearing venus flytrap costume head

    17. A shark costume perfect for Jaws the remake, starring your pooch in a costume that's remarkable less terrifying than the movie, thank god. This metallic one-piece is easy to adjust and looks great on pets of all sizes. Da dun, da dun, da dun da dun da dun...

    Cat wearing shark costume

    18. A mini cowboy costume that will certainly win your small pet a first place ribbon in any costume contest, or third place, at least. Yee-Haw, partner.

    Guinea pig in a cowboy costume

    19. A dinosaur headpiece because you're secretly a giant Jurassic Park fan who never got over their dinosaur phase. Hey, no judgment here. Pick up a T-Rex onesie and you two can match.

    Dog wearing dinosaur hat

    20. Or, a classic pumpkin costume because you simply can't go wrong with something simple and straightforward. Nothing says Halloween like your pet wearing a jack-o'-lantern outfit with sparkly green leaves.

    Dog wearing pumpkin costume

    21. A spooky spider costume that will transform your adorable pooch into one of those creepy crawlers that keep you up all night.

    cat wearing spider costume

    22. A Count Dracula cape and vest to have your pet saying "I vant to suck your blood...I mean, cough cough, eat up all the treats you have to offer."

    Dog in dracula costume

    23. A Frankenstein's Monster costume so you can dress up as Frankenstein himself and scream "It's ALIVE!!" in public and nobody will think you're weird. Well...maybe just a little.

    Dog wearing frankenstein costume

    24. A fire-breathing dragon costume complete with a scaly tale, shiny wings, and tiny little dragon teeth. I feel like this is what Donkey and Dragon's kids would look like in Shrek if that love story made even less sense than it already does.

    Cat wearing dragon costume

    25. And finally, a similar dragon costume for your reptile if you're interested in having your pets match, or if you, like me, think it's the height of comedy to dress a real reptile like a fantasy one.

    Bearded dragon wearing dragon costume

    Me on my way to buy all of these costumes even though I only have one pet.

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