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    15 Quizzes To Keep The Boredom At Bay While You Wait For Spooky Season

    Take these now. I promise you'll thank me later.

    Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

    1. This 17-Question IQ Test Will Reveal How Smart You Really Are

    Paramount Pictures / Miramax Films

    Time to take the ultimate intelligence test. Take the quiz here.

    2. Most Disney Fans Can't Identify These 13 Characters Based On Where They Live — Can You?


    Do you know what Jasmine's palace looks like? Take the quiz here.

    3. Most People Prefer These Kids Foods Over These Old-People Foods — Do You?


    Do you prefer chicken nuggets or chicken pot pie? Take the quiz here.

    4. An Eggcorn Is A Commonly Misspoken Word Or Phrase — Let's Find Out If You've Been Using Them As Much As Everyone Else

    Andy from "Parks and Recreation" with the words "Butt Naked" and "Buck Naked"

    Is the correct phrase "nipped in the bud" or "nipped in the butt?" Take the quiz here.

    5. What's The Superior Version Of These Foods? Answer And We'll Guess Your Age


    This is the hardest question of all time: what is the superior version of the potato? Take the quiz here.

    6. You Can Only Save One TV Show For Every Letter Of The Alphabet, And Sorry, But It’s Unbelievably Hard

    Derek from "Grey's Anatomy" and Rory from "Gilmore Girls"
    ABC / The WB / The CW

    Are you saving Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Take the quiz here.

    7. If You Think We Can't Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Dessert Preferences, Think Again

    Macarons with the word "Pisces" and pumpkin pie with the word "Libra"

    Do you like chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet cake best? Take the quiz here.

    8. These 15 Tattoo Questions Will Reveal The Exact Day, Month, And Year You Were Born /

    Tell us which tattoo you like more and we will reveal your birthday! Take the quiz here.

    9. Can We Accurately Guess Your Age Based On The Ice Cream Flavor You Create?

    Strawberry ice cream with the number "16," Vanilla ice cream with the number "25," and chocolate ice cream with the number "32."

    What sauce are you mixing in? Take the quiz here.

    10. Sorry, But Only Millennials Will Be Able To Recognize These 25 Iconic Faces

    Lindsay Lohan and Fairuza Balk

    Can you identify Avril Lavigne from just a picture? Take the quiz here.

    11. Your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, And Snack Choices Will Reveal How Much Of A Food Purist You Are

    Cereal and milk, dumplings, and lobster mac 'n' cheese.

    What will you be having for lunch? Take the quiz here.

    12. Pick Which Disney Movies Are Sadder And We'll Reveal Your Subconscious Worst Fear

    Miguel in "Coco" and Simba in "The Lion King."

    Is Bambi or Up sadder? Take the quiz here.

    13. Say "Yuck" Or "Yum" To These Messy Foods And We'll Reveal What Type Of Men You Attract

    Chicken wings and powdered donut

    How do you feel about crab legs? Take the quiz here.

    14. Only People Who Have Wayyy Too Much Disney Knowledge Can Identify All 30 Of These Underrated Characters

    Gus from "Cinderella" and Lady from "Lady and the Tramp" with the words "Tap on Lady."

    Do you remember Pabbie from Frozen? Take the quiz here.

    15. This Love Aptitude Test Only Works If You're 100% Honest

    Brain and heart with the numbers "29" and "27."

    Tell the truth and we'll reveal when you will get married! Take the quiz here.