How many aquatic mammals have you made friends with this year?

Jamie Jones • 5 minutes ago

"Can I speak to the manager?"

Jamie Jones • One day ago

Pettiness is an art form.

Jamie Jones • 2 days ago

Please be honest with us.

Jamie Jones • 3 days ago

These people all deserve a better 2019.

Jamie Jones • 3 days ago

How have you behaved this year?

Jamie Jones • 4 days ago

All funny, no filler.

Jamie Jones • 5 days ago

Eat as much as you like!

Jamie Jones • 5 days ago

A reminder to always read the reviews.

Jamie Jones • 6 days ago
Jamie Jones • 6 days ago

"just seen a little girl confidently walk up to a bath bomb in lush and take a bite out of it, kids are class"

Jasmin Nahar • 7 days ago

Are you more of a traditional or a quirky tree?

Jamie Jones • 9 days ago

The world might be on fire, but at least we still have Scottish tweets.

Jamie Jones • 10 days ago

What will you be wearing when the paparazzi takes your photo?

Jamie Jones • 11 days ago

For too long cows have been overlooked — but that ends right here, right now.

Jamie Jones • 12 days ago

Look away now, cereal fans.

Jamie Jones • 12 days ago

"Throwback to when I spent £12 on a sugar lip scrub from Lush then got stoned the same day and ate it."

Cassie Smyth • 14 days ago

Can you name the movie these iconic characters appear in?

Jamie Jones • 14 days ago
Jamie Jones • 15 days ago

Let's find out who you really are.

Jamie Jones • 25 days ago