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21 Photos That Prove Britain Has Gone Too Far

Never change, Britain.

1. This innovative answer to Britain's most frequently asked question:

2. This guy took his breakfast with him on public transport:

3. And this fry-up trifle:

4. This headline-worthy news:

5. This mum who wanted the perfect toast:

6. This local butcher's window display:

Yes that's a sausage on a model train going back and forth in the butcher's window. #Sheringham

7. This legitimate concern:

8. These genuine town names:

9. This supermarket complaint:

10. This commuter who wanted to keep cool:

11. These residents who passive-aggressively called out the council:

12. This excuse for cancelling train services:

13. This act of perfect vandalism:

14. This escalating series of events:

15. This important job title:

16. This national emergency:

17. This police shoutout:

18. This very middle-class busker:

19. This very British slogan for killing bacteria:

20. This new and exclusive nightclub:

Look, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure there's a rave on at Greggs in Birmingham city centre. #ministryofgreggs

21. And this carb-loaded sandwich: