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27 Pictures You Probably Won't Want To Laugh At, But Definitely Will

The gifts that keep on giving.

1. The giant pepper grinder:

me n andy r out for lunch look at the size of this pepper grinder lmfaoooooo

2. The helpful dog:

3. The Tinder bio boss:

Twitter: @danidarlinggg / Via Twitter: @danidarlinggg

4. The "excuse my feet btw":

5. The cat painting:

"I'd like you to paint me a cat." "A what?" "A cat. You do know what a cat is, right? You've seen a cat?" "Uh, yeah…

6. The Tumblr quote:

7. The Grand Canyon dad:

favorite part of googlemaps is this man unzipping his cargo pants into cargo shorts at the grand canyon

8. The alternate timelines:

9. The pet rescue:

10. The iguana drawing:

I started crying in class because I tried to draw a chameleon from memory

11. The awkward typo:

12. The fish swap:

13. The petting Pikachu:

@destroyfrog Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. It's a funny story actuall…

14. The warning in the wild:

15. The pineapple bird:

16. The Bulbasaur:

17. The bag of lettuce:

What a match to bring your bag of lettuces to

18. The lengthy limbs:

Am actual sick of this LOOK AT THE LENGTH OF MY ARMS fucking slenderman

19. The microphone malfunction:

My mother likes to use the microphone function rather than typing to text while driving.

20. The oddly profound Snapchat:

21. The best licence plate:

when your nan brings the biscuit barrel out..

22. The uncanny resemblance:

23. The cat thief:

24. The miscommunication:

Am fucking embarrassed to call this thing my pal

25. The lab dog:

One of my teammates has a dog in her Chem lab.. he's also required to wear goggles during lab

26. The extra-supportive mum:

27. And the absolute disaster: