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19 Jokes That Will Make You Say "Oh God I Love Sleep So Much"

Just five more minutes.

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1. Being sleepy is just a part of who you are.

Whoever speaks at my funeral will probably just look over at my casket and say "well, she was always kind of like this."


6. You're always in need of just five more minutes.

Prince Charming: I will awaken her with love's sweet ki-- Sleeping Beauty: five more minutes


10. If you could, you'd happily stay in bed all day.

*rolls out of bed* *rolls into other strategically placed bed* "Nice."


12. And your dependance on sleep is only getting worse.

I used to be able to pull all nighters but now I can barely even pull all dayers haha I love sleeping

15. Literally anytime is bedtime.

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere," she said, going to bed.


17. Nothing lives up to its greatness.

I love sleeping, it's like death without the commitment.

18. And nothing can beat a weekend of pure, uninterrupted sleep.

everyones out doing stuff Im just at home like