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21 Pictures That Are 100% You On The Internet

Lurking 9-to-5.

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1. When you start sharing a little too much:

2. When a family member adds you on Snapchat:

3. When you're deep into an Instagram stalk:

4. When you get into an argument:

I made a robot to help me argue on the internet

5. When you scroll back through your timeline:

6. When you fall down the Youtube rabbit hole:

7. When you just have to get in one more word:

8. When you talk a big game:

9. When you get publicly owned:

10. When you've been hitting the gym:

11. When you make a typo:

12. When you hit the filters:

13. When Twitter becomes a habit:

14. When you go on a lurk:

15. When you're living a split online life:

16. When your tweet starts getting numbers:

17. When you find something funny:

18. When you sign up to Tinder:

19. When some guy starts faving your conversation:

20. When you encounter an egg avi:

21. When you send a DM: