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17 Questions Britain Has For America About Halloween

Who is Jack and why is he a lantern?

1. Why do you dress up as non-spooky things?

2. And why exactly are animals such a popular costume choice?

3. Do your haunted houses stay up all year, or are they a Halloween-only type deal?

4. What exactly is candy corn?

5. And why do you only eat it at halloween?

6. Speaking of seasonal food, why are pumpkins an October-only thing?

7. And why do you call them jack-o'-lanterns?

8. Also, how are you all so good at pumpkin carving?

9. Are babysitters terrified on Halloween?

10. Why do you go so overboard on decorating your houses?

11. What the deal with the throwing toilet paper rolls over people's houses?

12. Or even worse, throwing eggs?

13. Isn't trick-or-treating at the houses of complete strangers just a little dangerous?

14. Why does the celebration seemingly last ALL of October?

15. Does every street have that one place you get in the movies where all the kids are scared of?

16. And are the parties as good as they seem in TV shows and movies?

17. Is all of the effort worth it in the end?

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Honestly, it kind of seems like it is.