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17 Questions Britain Has For America About Halloween

Who is Jack and why is he a lantern?

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2. And why exactly are animals such a popular costume choice?

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Black cats I can understand, they're BFFs with witches, but why would anyone dress up as a Bernese mountain dog?

3. Do your haunted houses stay up all year, or are they a Halloween-only type deal?

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The closest we have to haunted houses in the UK are "ghost trains", because what other country thinks, You know what would make this even more fun? If we turned it into a commute.


6. Speaking of seasonal food, why are pumpkins an October-only thing?

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OK, so pumpkin spice has kind of bucked the trend a little, but the general pumpkin flavour definitely reaches its peak in October.


13. Isn't trick-or-treating at the houses of complete strangers just a little dangerous?

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

We also trick-or-treat in the UK, but generally speaking we stick to the houses of people we know.

15. Does every street have that one place you get in the movies where all the kids are scared of?

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

You know the place: the overly-wooden looking house with the dilapidated porch and curtains that you swear you saw move that one time.

16. And are the parties as good as they seem in TV shows and movies?

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Halloween parties in Britain involve awkwardly chatting in a circle and wearing a witch's hat while Michael Jackson's "Thriller" plays for the 67th time that night.

17. Is all of the effort worth it in the end?

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Honestly, it kind of seems like it is.