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What's The Most Underwhelming Celebrity Encounter You've Ever Had?

Seriously, the less remarkable the better.

Everyone dreams of one day meeting a celebrity.

In your head the encounter will be filled with rainbows, sparkles, and all kinds of magical things. In reality, you'll probably just spot a celeb out on their morning jog.

Maybe one day you were queuing for coffee behind Hank from Breaking Bad.

Or maybe you met a B-list celebrity chef while you're shopping for picture hooks and in desperate need of a haircut.

Not every celebrity encounter is fraught with excitement.

@BuzzFeedUK My mum served Kate Middleton at a petrol station.

We're after the most underwhelming you have, because honestly, there's just something ~great~ about them.

And hell, it doesn't even have to be a real celebrity.

I met the woman who knitted the Christmas jumper worn by Colin Firth in the film of Bridget Jones Diary #crapcelebstory

So tell us all about your most underwhelming encounter in the comments below, and your story could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!