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    This Is What £700 A Month In Rent Would Get You In European Cities

    London has a lot to answer for.

    1. London, UK – £700

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: North Greenford

    • Space for a double bed, which is included.

    • The rug is yours to keep.

    2. Paris, France – £690 (€980)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: rue de Lille

    • Nice and high ceilings.

    • Located within walking distance of the Louvre, meaning the "Mona Lisa" is practically hanging on your front door.

    3. Dublin, Ireland – £670 (€950)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Rathgar

    • Look at that fun stripy carpet.

    • The breakfast bar isn't too shabby either.

    4. Amsterdam, Netherlands – £590 (€835)

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: Nieuw-West

    • Comes with a parking space in the underground garage.

    • Oh and bicycle storage, because The Netherlands.

    5. Prague, Czech Republic – £675 (26,000Kč)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Vinohrady

    • Fully furnished, meaning that trippy art is yours to keep.

    • And when you get fed up of staring at paint, there's a pretty decent view to take in from the balcony.

    6. Rome, Italy – £700 (€1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Via Domenico Comparetti

    • Contains a nice balcony that's ideal for sipping espressos on.

    • And see that Ikea setup in the living room? It's all yours if you want it.

    7. Riga, Latvia – £700 (€1,000)

    Bedrooms: Three

    Location: On the right riverbank of Riga

    • Fully equipped with air conditioner, alarm system, bath, and built-in kitchen.

    • Contains an unusual amount of plexiglass, so you know it's trendy.

    8. Berlin, Germany – £700 (€1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Neukölln

    • Positioned on the fifth floor, so there will be “no one looking through the windows.”

    • There's some erotic art in the kitchen.

    9. Stockholm, Sweden – £750 (10,000 krona)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Södermalm

    • OK, so this one's a little over budget, but check out the view!

    • The lights can be controlled via an app on your phone apparently. Welcome to the future.

    10. Madrid, Spain – £560 (€800)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Madrid

    • You can feel like royalty with views of the Royal Palace from your living room.

    • The bedroom is in an attic room above, so technically you have TWO FLOORS.

    11. Budapest, Hungary – £490 (€700)

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: Dandár utca

    • The living room comes in the colour pattern of a race car.

    • The apartment is right next to the river, so you're pretty safe if you ever catch fire.

    12. Brussels, Belgium – £560 (€800)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: St. Gilles

    • Pro: Comes with a cat.

    • Con: The cat is mandatory.

    13. Vienna, Austria – £720 (€1,020)

    Bedrooms: Three

    Location: Leopoldstadt

    • Has a cosy kitchen

    • The apartment complex contains a sauna, which is available for a small fee.

    14. Helsinki, Finland – £700 (€1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Eira

    • Look how beautiful this place is.

    • Again, look at it. <3

    15. Lisbon, Portugal – £530 (€750)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Alcântara

    • Located in an area of Lisbon that's steeped in history.

    • The dining area is helpfully labelled with the word "café."

    16. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – £700 (€1,000)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Central

    • Recently renovated to a high standard.

    • The city the apartment is located in is named after the country, so you save a line on your address.

    All currency conversions were correct at the time of publishing and have been rounded to the nearest 10.


    The rental deal for the apartment in Brussels includes having to look after Delores, the cat in the photo. An earlier version of this article said she was not included.

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