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What Weird Food Habits Did You Have Growing Up?

We all used to eat something a little differently. H/T @louisemcsharry.

As children, most of us had some kind of weird food habit.

@YrBFF @BuzzFeed How my kid eats a hotdog on #NationalHotDogDay . I've failed as a parent.

The kind of thing that we either grew out of or keep hidden away as adults.

Twitter user Louise McSharry recently asked her followers what strange eating habits they had as children...

What was your strangest food habit as a kid? Mine was peeling the outside off chicken mcnuggets and eating the chicken on its own.

...and the answers did not disappoint.

@louisemcsharry I drank salt straight from the shaker.

@louisemcsharry I ate mayonnaise sandwiches. Just mayonnaise.

@louisemcsharry oh god, I just remembered I used to throw up my food into my mouth so I could taste it again...

So we want to know: What was your weirdest food habit growing up?

Miau uses orange juice instead of milk in her cereal #soweird

Tell us in the comments below and your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!