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    Sep 9, 2016

    22 Photos That Show The Difference Between Wales On Instagram And Reality

    Anyone for curry cheese?

    1. Welsh food on Instagram:

    Welsh food in reality:

    2. A Welsh night out on Instagram:

    A Welsh night out in reality:

    3. The Welsh summer on Instagram:

    The Welsh summer in reality:

    4. Welsh grandparents on Instagram:

    Welsh grandparents in reality:

    5. Welsh public transport on Instagram:

    Welsh public transport in reality:

    6. Welsh street art on Instagram:

    Welsh street art in reality:

    7. Welsh romance on Instagram:

    Welsh romance in reality:

    8. The Welsh language on Instagram:

    The Welsh language in reality:

    9. Welsh attractions on Instagram:

    Welsh attractions in reality:

    10. Welsh BBQs on Instagram:

    Welsh BBQs in reality:

    11. Welsh nature on Instagram:

    Welsh nature in reality:

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