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    19 Tweets That Will Make British People Say, "Shit, I Remember That"

    "When bulldog was banned at your school so you just changed the name."


    Who remembers back in the day at primary school when you & your pals pretended to sharpen pencils just to chat at the bin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    When your mum gets chatting with one of her mates in Tesco



    Member the days when ur dads mysterious pal could get u a shitey dvd copy of a film that wasnt due to come out for abt 3 years


    primary school wa the best, a free gig every mornin just beltin out pure jesus anthems, fuckin quality


    Why do parents make out they're doing you some massive favour by letting you live in the house ? You fuckin made me wtf


    Everyone's Gran has this ceiling


    Remember in primary school when you'd start doin the hair of the girl sat in front of u &the teacher would b like "this is not a hair salon"


    mum offered me a bottle of vodka they've had for ages nd had to say no cus i know it's 70% water from me stealing it when i was 16


    #GrowingUpBritish when bulldog was banned at your school so you just changed the name


    Feel like pure shite i just want her back x


    the cheek of those PE teachers that used to scream at you about how it isn't cold while they were stood in 7 layers and a scarf


    Got bigger bags under my eyes than a year 7 with cooking and PE in the same day.


    If yer parents put yer presents under the tree and not on the couch are they really yer maw nd da it's about the couch


    I remember MSN days I was on the web cam with 1 girl, her dad came in the room & saw me on her laptop... I had to pretend I was a advert


    Picked up my mum steaming and she said "can we get chips" to which I replied "no we have some in the freezer",been waiting years to say that


    buying these at a school disco and being absolutely off your face all night #GrowingUpBritish



    How sad is it that one day was the last time you went out to play with ur pals n you never even realised it 😟

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