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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    17 TV Shows That Desperately Need To Make A Comeback

    Gone but not forgotten.

    1. Robot Wars (1998-2004)


    In the future, when the machines rise and mankind is destroyed, this will be looked back upon as a bloodthirsty sport and justification that humans needed to be terminated. In the meantime, let's enjoy some more robot-on-robot carnage while a gleeful Craig Charles looks on!

    2. The Crystal Maze (1990-1995)

    Channel 4/ Ftn

    If this show is ever brought back, it needs to be hosted by Richard O'Brien again, or at least someone equally as bald – no one wants another Edward Tudor-Pole. Maybe the zones could do with a shake-up, too; an Aztec zone is so '90s. Side note: Remember the channel Ftn? That was really something.

    3. 50/50 (1997-2005)


    Fact: Primary school kids are annoying as hell, so maybe reinvent the show a little and have universities take part – you know, the ones who aren't exactly going to make it on to University Challenge.

    4. Shipwrecked (2000-2012)

    Channel 4

    "How can we capitalise on the growing success of the reality TV format? What fresh new angle can we possibly take on the burgeoning format? I know, let's stick a bunch of hot people on a tropical island!" —Channel 4 executives, probably.

    5. Get Your Own Back (1991-2004)


    A hark back to the good ol' days, when we used to settle our disputes with gunge. On the bright side, you can still hire Dave Benson Phillips himself! Worth bearing in mind as an alternative to the small claims courts.

    6. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow (2002-2006)


    What's more British than getting criticised in parliament for "lavatorial" content and playing a game called Bogies in a Nando's? This show was once the pinnacle of British culture.

    7. Art documentaries hosted by Sister Wendy (1992-2002)


    Before TV documentaries were bastardised by shows about Nazi aliens helping to build dinosaurs, and the BBC started going "hey, look, we have a mycology documentary hosted by a member of Shed Seven", we had real documentaries by real presenters like Sister Wendy.

    8. SMTV Live (1998-2003)


    Hosted by the ultimate presenting trio of Ant, Dec, and Cat Deeley, this Saturday morning children's programme was possibly the greatest breakfast programme of all time. From Dec frustratedly screaming at kids during Wonkey Donkey to the Friends parody Chums, this show was stacked with brilliance. Oh, and they showed Pokémon.

    9. Knightmare (1987-1994)

    ITV Studios

    This show was basically the predecessor to Oculus Rift: Stick a bucket over a kid's head and shout out directions to them as they wander about a dark, computer-rendered room. It was better than it sounds.

    10. Ghostwatch (October 31, 1992)


    Every generation deserves to be scared shitless by someone they trust. In the '90s it was Sir Michael Parkinson's turn to dutifully step up to the plate and traumatise an entire nation in a mockumentary-style horror show centred around a fictional poltergeist named Pipes.

    11. Dale's Supermarket Sweep (1993-2001)


    Stripped of its trivia and giant inflatable bananas, this was essentially a game show based on the premise of looting – not that that's necessarily a bad thing. The next time you're at the checkout and you hear the beep, don't forget this annoying jingle from Supermarket Sweep.

    12. Bad Girls (1999-2006)


    For many people growing up in the early '00s, this was the first grown-up TV show they were allowed to watch. Larkhall was the first place many young teens learned exotic new swearwords and about the dangers of snitching. It also contained about 80% of EastEnders' current female cast.

    13. ChuckleVision (1987-2009)


    One day, the Chuckle Brothers will be considered among Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Buster Keaton as greats of physical comedy. They also hold the distinction of being the only funny moustached people alive today.

    14. Blind Date (1985-2003)


    Suggesting this show be brought back without Cilla is potential sacrilege, but a show this great deserves a revival. While Take Me Out is fun, I guess, it lacks the heart that this show possessed.

    15. Art Attack (Original series: 1990-2007)


    OK, so this show is technically still airing, being presented by some false pretender to Neil Buchanan's red, knitted, jumpery throne. But seriously, what is Art Attack without Neil? What is the summer sky without a sun? What is a poet without words? Simply put: There is no Art Attack without Neil. Bonus fact: Neil Buchanan is a rock god.

    16. A Chris Morris news spoof (The Day Today: 1994) (Brass Eye: 1997*)


    Today's news climate, with 24-hour news looking for stories to fill airtime and the endless opinion pieces churned out online is rife to be torn apart by parody, and who better to do it than the man behind The Day Today and Brass Eye. We need you, Chris Morris.

    * A one-off special of Brass Eye aired on 26 July 2001.

    17. Ready Steady Cook (1994-2010)

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