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24 Reasons You Should Never Own A Tortoise

They’re just the worst.

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1. Everyone knows that tortoises are ugly.

2. They're just not cute at all.

3. From the moment they're born.

5. They're completely unadorable.

7. Who'd want this staring back at them each day?

8. And they're the least photogenic animals of all time.

9. They don't get on with other animals.

10. And they're terrible around children.

11. Hell, they don't even get on with each other.

12. It's no wonder they're always looking so sad.

13. They hate the outdoors.

14. So you can't take them anywhere.

15. Just look at how unadorable they look while eating.

17. Plus they have zero chill.

18. They make lousy friends.

20. And are completely incapable of having fun.

21. They have a weak selfie game.

22. Not to mention how terrible they look in a hat.

24. So why would anyone want one?