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32 Times Tumblr Users Out-Tumblred Themselves

Things can get real weird, real fast.

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1. When they questioned what constituted a crisis for crayons.

2. When they came up with a questionable breakfast recipe.

3. When they turned the pope into a rapper.

4. The time a user appeared to be embroidered on a towel.

5. When Dora the Explorer fans got a little weird.

6. And Thomas the Tank Engine fans, too.

7. When this horrifying creation was made.

8. When they counted coins.

9. The time a user pulled off the ultimate photobomb.

10. When a cat appeared to be worshiping the devil.

11. When an artist took a new perspective on the apperance of a sheep.

12. The time a dog served as the canvas of a pun.

13. When this handy guide was posted.

14. When a new interior design style was suggested.

15. When they defied the laws of nature and put a Dorito inside a plastic bottle.

16. When this serious question was asked.

17. And these questions about nature.

18. The time a user was a little too into Jesus.

19. When a bug left an interesting-shaped bite mark.

20. When this user had an import announcement to make.

21. The time this #lifehack was posted.

22. When someone had zero chill without their girlfriend around.

23. When a new crab lord was crowned.

24. The time someone managed to make smiley faces unsettling.

25. And when someone managed to ramp up the weird factor on an art test.

26. The time someone dared question the ultimate Winnie the Pooh fan.

27. When we really didn't need an artist's impression, but we got one anyway.

28. The time a user shared his fashion sense with a plastic bag.

29. When a priest needed to be called.

30. When a ghost was the only logical explanation.

31. And when a ghost dog was the only possible one.

32. And finally, when a user spotted this illusion.