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    14 Times People Didn't Get The Vacation They Dreamed Of

    Things aren't always what they seem. H/T r/ExpectationVsReality

    1. When this outdoor pool looked a little different from what was shown in the pictures:

    2. When this group of lads were expecting a slightly bigger pool table:

    3. When this tourist expected a more scenic view of Norway:

    4. When this apartment's listing technically told the truth:

    5. And when this location's balcony was a little less than desirable:

    6. When this traveller didn't get the photo of Christ the Redeemer that they'd hoped for:

    7. When this hotel's pool looked a lot less glamorous in real life:

    8. And when this location took advantage of forced perspective:

    9. When the view of this mountain range was obstructed by clouds:

    10. Seriously, clouds are the worst.

    11. When a newly married couple weren't greeted by a picturesque landmark:

    12. When this climber wasn't met with a spectacular view:

    13. When this hotel decided to use the view as a selling point:

    14. And when this hotel room straight-up came with the view of a dumpster: