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21 Of The Greatest Things Ever Said By Stephen Fry

He's the hero we all need.

1. The time he summed up our dependence on Wi-Fi.

2. And pointed out the ridiculousness of saying “w, w, w”.

3. When he perfectly described technology.

4. When he had this to say about homophobes.

5. And was proud to express his sexuality.

6. The time he gave us these words to live by.

7. When he gave out some advice to those being bullied.

8. When he gave no fucks and said exactly what he thought about mediums.

9. When he gave this anecdote on doing his finals.

10. The time he expertly described the absurdity of mental health stigma.

11. And gave an emotional account of living with mental health issues.

12. When he hypnotised a lobster and still had time to make a pun.

13. When he spoke the truth about politicians.

14. And had this suggestion for improving politics.

15. When a heckler got put in his place.

16. And a Twitter user bore the brunt of his wit.

17. The time he gave valuable CV advice.

18. And a warning to those thinking of committing this job application crime.

19. When he spoke about nature.

20. When he blew off Chris Moyles to check on his Twitter.

21. And finally, when he was humble about his status as a national treasure.

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