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    19 Times Poundland Needed To Slow The Fuck Down

    Who wouldn't want to buy some demonic socks for a £1?

    1. When they presented us with the most bizarre movie tie-in product in the history of movie tie-in products.

    I haven't seen the film but according to Poundland, 'Batman vs Superman' involves a recorder.

    2. When they gave us the opportunity to finally own that PJ & Duncan CD you've had your eye on since 1994.

    Went to Poundland the other day and found a right gem @antanddec 👍🏻💕💎

    3. When the children's toys got a little obscene.

    Found this sorry sight in Poundland. The NSFW version of Toy Story

    4. And the chocolate followed suit.

    Apparently this is what you get once you unwrap your Chocolate Santa from Poundland, not really suitable for Children

    5. When they allowed us to add a little sparkle and glamour to our crotch.

    That time I found vajazzles in poundland

    6. When this monstrosity was introduced to the world.

    look at this doll we found in poundland we're gonna go back and buy it

    7. And these demonic socks were unleashed on unsuspecting customers.

    Found some Snow White/Satan socks in Poundland earler #whatelse #casj #peakpixelation

    8. When they threw some shade at One Direction through the name of a shower gel.

    Look what I found in poundland #onedimemsion @onedirection

    9. When our sexual needs were met for a £1.

    Only in @Poundland would you find this

    10. When they sold these ~super spooky~ glittered nails.

    Found these in poundland, girls in my school walk around with these types of nails all year

    11. When they reintroduced us to the music classic Gladiators.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a poundland gem! XD.

    12. When they gave us these cute lil' BDSM bears.

    Just found these in poundland... That's valentines day sorted @oliverselby.

    13. When an Alan Carr mask was deemed a necessary item for a hen party.

    @AlanCarr Amongst the hen party things the only celebrity mask in poundland

    14. When they let us live our lifelong dream of smelling of Tango.

    15. When you could buy a DVD of everyone's favourite superhero: Iron Hero.

    Marvel have done another reboot, but you can only get it in Poundland. Sweet!

    16. And when a toy manufacture definitely didn't just Google "Transformer synonym".

    Just found this in poundland in Belper!

    17. When this product allowed us to tell the time via Kate Middleton's facial features.

    This may be the single most random thing I have ever found in poundland!!

    18. When they presented us with a cheeky something extra at the tills.

    You reach the tills at Poundland and you only have £1 left but they present you with this #dilemma

    19. And when we were given this alternative.

    Wondering why Poundland even sell such items