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19 Times Men Ruined The Internet For Everyone

Shut it all down.

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1. When this guy took advantage of a Facebook selling page.

2. When Bradly went for 0-100 in record time.

3. When someone on Twitter had enough with the liberal insect agenda.

4. When the "official" bagpipe cover of an Evanescence song was uploaded to YouTube.

5. When a man live-streamed himself getting a questionable tattoo.

6. When Greg was just really fucking dumb.

7. When a grown-ass man got so angry he actually shot at a newspaper.

8. When this "normal 23-year-old guy" did some DM sliding.

9. When this guy's tweet made it onto CNN.

10. When James had some medical concerns.

11. When this guy boarded the Trump train.

12. When this noble internet hero appeared.

13. When this guy chose #formoverfunction.

14. When this man just wanted to see some bagina.

15. When this kid sacrificed his future for some retweets.

16. When an Uber driver couldn't even do his damn job without being a creep.

17. When investigative journalism finally went too far.

18. When FERG needed a dictionary.

19. And when Angel perfected the art of Tinder.