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16 Times Llanelli Didn't Give A Single Fuck

Minion theft, aliens, and creative vandalism.

1. When a cyclist chose a questionable place to chain up his bike.

2. When a man took his pet owl for a walk (fly?).

3. When the police took on extra-terrestrials.

4. When a biker said "fuck you" to safety and took a spin in a onesie.

5. When this homeowner wanted a full-English.

6. When the worst thief of all time was caught.

Twitter: @fruitsaladretro

"I'm in for arson, you?" "Stole a Minion bean bag."

7. When a guy in a duck mask popped into Burger King, because why-fucking-not I guess.

8. When an appropriately named man got arrested in Asda.

Flickr: jimmy_macdonald / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

9. When a criminal had a suspicious package.

10. When a man casually ate an apple while be arrested by police.

Flickr: neys / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

11. When vandalism got ironic.

12. When Frankie and Benny's offered a sandy pudding.

13. When a moviegoer was not prepared to pay £16.60 for a small tub of popcorn.

14. When a resident was caught short without a hood and had to improvise.

15. When the local police ran into some tech issues.

Flickr: brento / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

16. And finally, when the national symbol of Wales was draped with a condom.


Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Never change, Llanelli. Never change.

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