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A Photographer Interrupted A Tortoise Having Sex And It Did Not Go Well

Seriously, never do this.

National Geographic reporter Paul Rose learned the hard way that you should never disturb a sex-hungry tortoise during the act of copulation.

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The incident occurred when, while filming on an island north of Madagascar, Rose heard a noise he described as a "pushing, blowing kind of sound" coming from the bushes.

What Rose discovered was a pair of mating tortoises, just casually going at it.

This is one of the tortoises just moments after being caught in the act:

But the tortoise's embarrassment soon turns to fury and he gives chase to Rose and his cameraman.

Seriously, just look at that fury.

"This is what you call dogged determination," Rose says to the camera as the shelled avenger refuses to give up the chase.

The chase lasts a whole 400 yards before the tortoise shows mercy on his victims and returns from where he came.

This was one seriously pissed off tortoise.