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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're The Family Tech Support

    "The Google logo has changed, can you switch it back?"

    1. Firstly, you only fell into the role because of your willingness to help.

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    NOT because you're some kind of tech god like those who rely on your service seem to think.

    2. And because of your kind and caring attitude, whenever you visit family there's a list of tech related chores waiting to be done.

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    3. But at least dealing with tasks in person is better than trying to give advice over the phone.

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    4. There is no worse fear than when an elderly relative asks you to set up a Facebook account for them.

    Anyone who can't set up their own account should not be allowed on the site.

    5. People forgetting their passwords has become a prominent problem in your life.

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    6. Hell, and some people even manage to forget their goddamn email address. / BuzzFeed


    7. You're used to family coming to you with extremely vague, nonsensical descriptions of their tech problems.

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    "The thingy on my email website says I have a download to unplug."

    8. Except when it comes to spelling out URLs, which is always done in full.

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    Wouldn't want you forgetting one of those pesky 'w's.

    9. But their lack of knowledge doesn't stop them from having strong opinions.

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    If they think they know something they're not going to change their minds.

    10. Or trying to do things you told them were impossible.

    11. Sometimes, you're even asked to fix things you have zero control over.


    "The Google logo has changed, can you switch it back?"

    12. When the time comes, you're always the person everyone goes to for advice when buying new technology.


    Even if it's about something you know absolutely nothing about. You downloaded an antivirus on their computer once, so know you're suddenly an expert on mobile phones.

    13. Advice which they then go ahead and completely ignore.

    20th Century Fox

    Because the salesperson was just so damn nice they had to buy exactly what they suggested, even if it's not what they need.

    14. Which often leads to them needing help with more things.

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    Which, of course, is your job.

    15. And whenever anything goes wrong, the blame always falls on you.

    16. Your family love to boast to all their friends about how you're "so good with computers".

    17. And on more than one occasion have offered your services out to others.

    18. More often than not for tasks that are way beyond your level of knowledge.

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    19. Because, honestly, your solution is mostly just to Google the problem. / BuzzFeed

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