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19 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up A Little Goth, But Not Really Goth

Or maybe you were a bit more on the emo side, come to think of it.

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2. But IRL it was always Hot Topic or Blue Banana, where you had a weird admiration of the staff.

They were just so damn cool and exactly who you wanted to be when you grew up.


4. In the meantime, you may have been super rebellious and got a slightly-unusual ear piercing.

11. Because the full leather look just didn't appeal to you.

The whole setup looked hot, sweaty, and a little too NSFW.


14. You experimented with a wild streak of hair-colour, but nothing too dramatic.

You didn't want to get kicked out of school or have the neighbours thinking that you were on drugs.


17. You hated being categorized as either a goth, emo, or any other subculture that was floating around at the time.

You were a unique snowflake.

18. Older people always told you that it was all just a phase you were going through, and looking back, they were kind of right.

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And tbh, the whole thing was a little cringe when you look back on it.