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    23 Things You Know If You've Been BFFs Since School

    You're pretty much a part of each other's families.

    1. A lot of your conversations involve reminiscing about the past.

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    When a sentence starts with "Remember when...", you know you're in for a trip down memory lane.

    2. And more often than not, you end up laughing by the end of the story.

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    "You just had to be there."

    3. You've got a dangerous number of embarrassing photos of each other.


    In the wrong hands these could be dangerous, but you know they're safe from public in your friend's hands.

    4. You know each other's families really well...

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    5. ...mostly due to all those times you stayed around their house for dinner.

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    And the awkward conversations you sometimes had with their dad while waiting for your friend to get to the door.

    6. You're even Facebook friends with distant members of each other's familes.

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    They practically ARE part of your family now.

    7. You feel completely comfortable in each other's company.

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    You can relax and just be yourself without having to worry about being judged.

    8. And don't feel stupid asking them any question, anytime.


    9. You can always tell when your BFF's feeling down, even just via text message.

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    One less prayer emoji than usual probably means something's up.

    10. And when they aren't feeling at their best, you're always the one there for them.

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    Because you know they'd be there for you too.

    11. You're not embarrassed to share your worst secrets.

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    12. And can be completely honest with each other.

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    You know you can rely on your bestie to tell you the truth, even if it's not always what you want to hear.

    13. Their enemies are your enemies.

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    The world knows that if they mess with one of you, they're messing with both.

    14. Especially their exes.


    15. And you've always got each other's backs.

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    Whatever life throws at you, you'll always have someone there to face it with you.

    16. You have a load of in-jokes that no one else understands.

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    17. You always lend each other things, but no one's really keeping count of what.

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    You're sure it pretty much balances out, though.

    18. You're always the first to comment on/like each other's social media updates.

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    It's just the polite thing to do.

    19. You've stopped starting messages with "hi" and just get straight into the conversation...

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    20. ...because you're pretty much in communication 24/7.

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    Plus, there's no point in wasting time when you've got some serious gossiping to do.

    21. And when you do go a long time without speaking, something just feels wrong.

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    22. Because when you are in touch, everything just seems so much better.

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    23. You know that no matter how far apart you may drift, you'll always be there for each other.

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    BFFs for life.

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