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    19 Undeniable Signs You Went To Secondary School In A Small Town

    It was kind of a crappy school, but it was your kind of crappy school.

    1. Despite looking charming from the outside, your school probably hadn't received funding since the '70s. / Creative Commons

    2. And there was one part of the school in particular that was reaaaaly old. / Creative Commons

    3. So when your school installed SMART boards it was a pretty big deal.

    Flickr: 24646191@N06 / Creative Commons

    This meant that half of the lesson would be spent trying to help the teacher operate the thing.

    4. Because VHS as a format existed way longer at your school than it did in the outside world.

    5. Due to the limited number of staff, teachers were sometimes forced to multi-task.

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    It wasn't unheard of for the P.E teacher to take on a maths class or two.

    6. Rooms were also multi-purpose. / Creative Commons

    Gym lessons were not an option when exams were being taken.

    7. When it came to textbooks they were shared between multiple people.

    8. And they were way overused, which meant they'd been graffitied to hell and back.

    9. All of your sports teams were always incredibly crap.

    If your year even had enough people to form a sports team.

    10. It didn't help that the football goals on your school field were built without nets.

    Twitter: @super_leeds70

    Or maybe even no goal posts at all, which meant that jumpers had to be used.

    11. You knew everyone in one way or another, which meant you were more likely to have friends in a different year group.

    12. You also probably had at least one out-of-school connection to a teacher.

    20th Television

    Which was kind of awkward tbh.

    13. And you knew a lot about their personal lives, which meant that rumours were rampant.

    14. All of the cabins meant there were almost as many classrooms outside as there were inside. / Creative Commons

    15. Assemblies were spent sitting on the floor.

    Twitter: @teachaspiration

    Except for the sixth form who had the luxury of sitting on chairs.

    16. Where the school motto, which played on the size of the school, was often repeated.

    Keithbinns / Getty Images

    It's not the quantity, it's the quality

    17. School trips were always to the same local attractions.

    Flickr: integer_club / Creative Commons / Twitter: @chaelhutch / Buzzfeed

    Except that one year where you got super lucky and went to London.

    18. And if you misbehaved the headmaster/mistress was sure to let you know how you "let the whole community down".

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    19. Sure it was kind of a crap school, but it was your kind of crap school. / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

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