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17 Things Wales Has That The Rest Of The World Needs

Welsh cakes are an obvious one.

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2. The best cakes of all: Welsh cakes.

Look at them and feel the envious hunger.


6. Manners.

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You get on or off a bus, you thank the driver. Simple. Having handed over all your small change to Arriva is no excuse not to – after all, manners cost nothing.

7. World-class beaches.

Flickr: ed_webster / Creative Commons

"Wales? But that's just a nation of fields and mountains. Do they even have sand there?" The answer to that question is yes. And it's not just any sand: Wales is home to 41 Blue Flag beaches – highest standard given out by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

8. St. David's Day.

Instagram: @ellisjmeade

Cawl, daffodils, and dressing up in old timey outfits just for the hell of it.


13. The best sports fans on the planet.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Which other nation's sports fans wear daffodils on their heads and sing their country's national anthem with such pride?


15. Free prescriptions.

Instagram: @jayles182

Just one of the many perks of having a devolved assembly.

16. Houses people can actually afford. / / BuzzFeed

£650 in Wales can almost rent you a mansion, wheres in somewhere like that London, you'd be lucky to afford a cardboard box under a bridge.

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