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18 Of The Most WTF Things To Have Happened In The Valleys

The real heart of Wales.

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1. This bike that was chained to a goddamn level crossing.

2. This street fight to end all street fights.

3. This idea of a prize in an arcade machine.

4. This ironic misspelling.

5. This umbrella alternative.

6. This banter.

7. This penis-shaped cloud, which appeared over Porthcawl.

8. This aggressive, misspelt parking criticism.

9. This solution to an insect problem.

JeannetteKatzir / Getty Images / / BuzzFeed

10. This late night motorcycle ride in a onesie.

11. This love story for the ages.

Lorerock81 / Getty Images / Twitter: @taylorjxo / BuzzFeed

12. This beautifully named fish and chip shop.

13. This idea of a cinema snack.

14. This post-workout meal.

15. This wrecking of a man's global travel dream.

16. This concept of street plants.

17. This end to a festive parade.

18. And finally, this victim of a night out in the valleys.