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    19 Things That Won't Make Sense To Non-Twins

    Sorry, but it's a twin thing.

    1. The frustration that comes with being known as "the twins".

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    Pretty much all of your family's friends and distant relatives refer to you as nothing else.

    2. Having to become your brother's/sister's personal school assistant when they were off ill.

    3. Hearing the line "there's no way you're twins!" every time you're introduced to someone new.

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    Is this some kind of prank people play? Are there lots of people going around claiming to be twins for a laugh? Why do people keep asking this?!

    4. And then having someone point out all the differences between you and your sibling.

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    Which is especially annoying when you're fraternal twins.

    5. Birthdays growing up meant one thing: Joint birthday parties.

    6. Joint birthday cards were a thing too.

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    And honestly, if anyone excluded you from a card they sent your twin, you felt personally offended.

    7. And in general, being treated as one person.

    8. Having someone to spontaneously burst into song with.

    Spontaneous twin karaoke sessions are a thing.

    9. Getting annoyed when people believe that you have some kind of psychic ability.

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    Why is it that twins are always considered spooky and capable of extrasensory perception? #notalltwins

    10. But then thinking that you actually might be when something freaky happens.

    Like when you both say the same thing at once or are suddenly reminded of something super random.

    11. Although, tbf, you practically can read each other's minds.


    Again, no psychic abilities, just the fact that you've known each other longer than you have anyone else by at least an extra nine months.

    12. Always having someone there you can count on.

    13. Receiving bizarre texts at all times of the day.

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    You're not embarrassed of looking a little weird in front of your twin, so you often just straight up ask them the questions you wouldn't ask anyone else.

    14. Complete with a million inside jokes.

    Most of your conversations would make ZERO sense to an outsider, and if a stranger read some of your conversations they'd probably think you were insane.

    15. Having an argument and then making up within an hour.

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    It's almost impossible to hold a grudge for any length of time.

    16. And always having someone there to calm you down.

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    If you're overreacting to something, your twin is often the one person who will tell you so.

    17. If someone asks you to keep a secret, telling your twin doesn't count, obviously.

    18. Having someone to gossip with about the rest of the family.

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    Sorry, other family members.

    19. And finally, having a best friend for life.

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