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19 Things That Won't Make Sense To Non-Twins

Sorry, but it's a twin thing.

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2. Having to become your brother's/sister's personal school assistant when they were off ill.

Instagram: @camille

This meant having to bring back all their homework and in shared classes it also meant sometimes having to relay the entire lesson back to them.

3. Hearing the line "there's no way you're twins!" every time you're introduced to someone new.

Warner Bros. Television

Is this some kind of prank people play? Are there lots of people going around claiming to be twins for a laugh? Why do people keep asking this?!


5. Birthdays growing up meant one thing: Joint birthday parties.

Instagram: @partycakesbyrobyn

With pretty much every single person in your class being invited.

7. And in general, being treated as one person.

Instagram: @littlejohnygirl

People sometimes treat you as if you're conjoined.


9. Getting annoyed when people believe that you have some kind of psychic ability.

Warner Bros. / BuzzFeed

Why is it that twins are always considered spooky and capable of extrasensory perception? #notalltwins

11. Although, tbf, you practically can read each other's minds.


Again, no psychic abilities, just the fact that you've known each other longer than you have anyone else by at least an extra nine months.


12. Always having someone there you can count on.

Instagram: @lifeasfitk

In moments of need you can always count on your twin to be there for you.

13. Receiving bizarre texts at all times of the day.

WhatsApp / Jamie Jones

You're not embarrassed of looking a little weird in front of your twin, so you often just straight up ask them the questions you wouldn't ask anyone else.


17. If someone asks you to keep a secret, telling your twin doesn't count, obviously.

Instagram: @fe1ixrothuizen

Everyone knows that things like doctor-patient confidentiality extend to the twin. It's just twin law.

19. And finally, having a best friend for life.

Instagram: @xj_o_d_i_ex