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    18 Things Everyone Who's Been To Oakwood Will Remember

    Your back still aches from Megafobia.

    1. Taking the mini train ride into the theme park and feeling like a giant.

    2. Going down that near-vertical sack slide of terror.

    Flickr: uriba / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    3. And those waterslides which seemed just a little unsafe.

    Flickr: rollercoasterphilosophy / Creative Commons

    4. Some idiot would always lose a shoe on Bounce.

    5. Feeling every goddamn bump on Megafobia.

    Flickr: rollercoasterphilosophy / Creative Commons

    Wood > Metal.

    6. And being a rebel by pissing about for the camera.

    7. Getting attacked by at least one angry wasp while queuing.

    Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    Wasps love theme parks too.

    8. Putting your arms up on Treetops and almost losing a limb.

    Flickr: rollercoasterphilosophy / Creative Commons

    9. Going on kid's rides when you were way too old to be going on them.

    10. Going on Splash (aka Hydro) and getting wetter than a million Welsh summers.

    Flickr: rollercoasterphilosophy / Creative Commons

    11. Or getting wet by simply standing on the bridge. / BuzzFeed

    Either way, you probably didn't bother paying to use that futuristic space dryer to dry yourself off.

    12. Using the extra cost of Vertigo as an excuse not to go on it.

    13. Being super excited when Speed was introduced.

    It has a loop. How modern is that?

    14. Speeding down the tracks on he sledge/toboggan things.

    Flickr: rollercoasterphilosophy / Creative Commons

    There'd always be some arsehole travelling slowly in front of you, preventing your attempt at breaking the sound barrier.

    15. The people playing mini golf kind of stressed you out.

    16. Being given nightmares by Brer Rabbit.

    Twitter: @w0nderw4ll_ / / BuzzFeed

    RIP you creepy, demonic rabbits.

    17. And after all the rides got too much, you could just chill on the boats.

    18. Always being reminded of your days spent at Oakwood.

    Twitter: @oakwoodthemepk

    Mostly because there are leaflets for the place in every pub south of Gwynedd.

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