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17 Things Everyone Who Went To Llangrannog Will Remember

The Black Nun still haunts your dreams.

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1. It was probably the furthest you'd stayed away from your family, and it felt like a pretty big deal.

4. One of the first activities you took part in was knocking on the doors of everyone in your corridor and running away.

6. You felt like you were at a feast when you first approached the canteen and learnt you had a choice of food.

7. When you first saw the ski slope you were convinced you were going to die.

8. And if the ski slope didn't kill you, you were convinced that the Black Nun would.

12. You spent an unhealthy amount of time wondering what the teachers' accommodation looked like.

They definitely weren't sleeping eight-in-a-room on bunkbeds.


17. Before leaving you made sure to carve "The Black Nun was here" into the bottom of your bunk bed.

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Future generations of visitors deserved to be just as traumatised as you were.

Thanks to Sian Davies, Mererid Price, Chez Jennings, and Jonathan Stanley for additional suggestions.

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