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    21 Things Book Lovers Feel Slightly Guilty About

    No matter how many unread books you own, there's always room for more.

    1. Going on a book buying spree when there's still dozens of unread books waiting for you at home.

    2. Having your bedside table resemble a game of Jenga with all of the book you're halfway through reading.

    3. Setting yourself a reading target for the year and falling short of meeting it.

    4. Not being able to find a bookmark so just using the nearest thing to hand.

    5. Or even worse, dog-earing a page.

    6. Giving up on having any sort of order to your bookcase because just own so many damn books.

    7. Moving house and realising just how many books you actually own.

    8. Reading a book one too many times to the point where the spine breaks.

    9. Or when the cover develops that awkward, annoying curl.

    10. Making up an excuse to avoid lending someone a book because you're afraid they might damage it.

    11. Literally judging a book by its cover, especially when it comes to avoiding books with a dreaded movie cover.

    12. Getting personally offended when a book you love gets turned into a movie.

    I hope the guy who just cut me off in traffic has his fav book made into a movie & the characters are nothing like he imagined them

    13. Being so into a book that you've missed your bus or train stop.

    14. Or remembering your stop but continuing to read your book while walking and holding up anyone who's walking behind you.

    15. Not getting enough sleep because you were kept up by a good book.

    16. Leaving somewhere early to get back to a book you were reading.

    17. Or completely avoiding going out altogether to finish a book.

    18. Buying multiple copies of the same book by your favourite author.

    Fun fact: I own three different copies of Catcher in the Rye bc Salinger is bae.

    19. Avoiding reading one of classics, even though you know you'll probably like it.

    20. Getting way too excited while trying to describe your favourite book to a friend.

    21. And finally, spending money you don't have on even more books.