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    17 Things All Overly-Trusting People Know To Be True

    You just can't help but to trust others.

    1. You're fiercely loyal to your friends and those you love.

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    If you consider someone trustworthy, you'll always have their back.

    2. And feel like you can tell the people you trust anything.

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    No matter how embarrassing it may be, you feel confident in the moment that what's being said stays between you and whoever you're sharing with.

    3. Which often results in you oversharing more of your secrets than you planned to.


    You just can't seem to help yourself sometimes.

    4. But never anyone else's.

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    Because if there's one thing you value, it's loyalty.

    5. You're sometimes even too trusting of strangers.

    Which doesn't always work out.

    6. Overall you just have way too much faith in others.

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    You're mostly an optimist and are willing to overlook the bad in people.

    7. And you think people are mostly capable of doing the right thing, without having to be told to.

    8. You often let those closest to you get away with too much.

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    9. Because you always think the best of those around you.

    10. And you think everyone has the same values you have.

    11. So you expect them to be the same with you as you are with them.

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    Unfortunately this isn't always the case.

    12. Which can sometimes come across as being naive.

    13. And has lead to you being let down in the past.

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    14. To the point where you promise never to trust anyone again.

    15. But you always do.

    16. Because you know no other way.

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    17. Besides, being trusting is a good thing.


    Because you always see the good in people and you wouldn't have it any other way

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